Field and Forest

Field and Forest
Painted Winter Sky and Rugged up Winter Land

Friday, 18 May 2012

Water and Wildlife

 This year spring seems shy, giving Martin some extra time to finish off the jetty for the summer season and our first paddle for 2012 ended in a much more practical fashion than usual - behold below!
Spring is in everyway the time for birds and their babies.
Our birdbox is inhabitet by the blue tit pair we have been feeding over winter (at least we are pretty sure they are the ones...)

And, with the Black Grouse `loitering` alongside our unsealed roads (they ingest sand to aid in their digestion) we are having some trouble making it to school and work on time. Their courtship song is performed from the tree-tops around our farm and inspire me to work harder on my camera skills!
The return of the Crane calls for a variety of reactions from the residents of this region.
They are notorious potato-thieves, known to have decimated crops. This unwelcomed behaviour together with their piercing, trumpeting call sometimes makes people think of them as winged elephants!
We find it very difficult not to adore them; their amazing mating dance, their graceful long legs and even their call - melancholic and haunting in the light spring evenings. This year we are lucky to have spotted a nest close to our home where the couple is brooding over two eggs and we can watch them without disturbing. Let´s see if I can get a good shot!
Oh, and our one bottle fed lamb is growing amazingly and has been named Erica. She gets about a litre of milk a day and who knows how much love!

Tree-planting, seed-sowing, wood-chopping, tad-pole- and salamander-watching are all asking for our attention.
It is bright and busy on the farm! ***

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