Field and Forest

Field and Forest
Painted Winter Sky and Rugged up Winter Land

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Island Winter

After a dark and somewhat dreary December, with relatively mild temperatures and hard ice instead of soft snow, we are finally enjoying skiing, toboggoning and fooling around in white, white, white! Yay!     

On an end of week walk up the back forest we enjoyed scrambling and
and slipping over ice and snow to make it up the top. 
We managed to get some idea about the state of the trees after the storm

Ivar that hit J√§mtland in mid December. Quickly we realised that we belong to the lucky ones, with fewer trees down, but it was still odd to see so many them "horizontal", sleeping draped in snow. 
At one point, we took a log-break and contemplated how spared we are in our little hideaway; considering the avalanche amount of snow that has hit mid Europe and the flooding they battle both in Italy and the U.K. 
Our thoughts go to the woodfires that make the heart of our home, respecting the fact that without them - our life here really would not be possible. 

So, the next project will be to somehow drag down the fallen giants of our back   forest in order to fuel our life, to give us warmth.
Sleeping Beauties
Log Lounge 

Daring a fairly steep descent on our way home; we were reminded that our local downhill skiing club opens up today! 
Volunteers have worked hard to prepare the slopes so we can all enjoy the thrill and freedom of racing down the mountain! With the winter sport break coming up we are sure to enjoy as much 
exercise as we can take, come perfect temps and not much wind! 
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